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A Big Thank you!

I would like to say a big thank you to all who helped make the Bishopstone Royal Wedding Street Party a success. These include, Sue Fox for helping to organise. Jane Trenchard, Jem and Sara Clark for the games, Roger for the Sounds, Mavis for the furniture, Sam and the Toddler mums for the Toddler activities, Steve for the signs, Tim for the banner, Liz for the raffle, Bishopstone Village Hall,The Harrow for the beer and shelter from the rain, everyone for raffle prizes and Michele for putting up with me!

May I also thank, The Bucks Herald, BBC Oxford, BBC 3 counties, Mix96, Daily Mail, Chloe Lambert, Margaret Aston, Stone Bishopstone and Hartwell Parish Council, Rt Hon John Bercow MP Speaker of the House, Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government , Rt Hon David Cameron The Prime Minister, The Local Government Ombudsmen, Thames Valley Police and the Emergency Services. Whom without their input, would have prevented it all from happening.

And finally, a big thank you to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For having the sense not to involve Buckinghamshire in any of their arrangements. For if they had wanted to use Buckinghamshire instead of Buckingham Palace for their famous kiss on the balcony, would have probably given up and eloped to Gretna Green before hand rather than try to get through all the bureaucracy created by the Anti Royalists that make up Bucks County Council Transport for Buckinghamshire.

Val Letheren (head of Transport) and David Shakespeare (Chairman of Council) are elected by the people of Buckinghamshire. They are conservatives. But were both instrumental in making it difficult to gain permission to close our road. Should they really represent Us? Will you vote for them again?

Street Party in Bucks? Forget it.Bucks Street Party Sean Rooney

Bucks County Council Tighten up restrictions on Street Parties

While County Councils up and down the county are relaxing rules and regulations so communities can have street parties to celebrate the royal wedding, Buckinghamshire County Council have gone the other way, making it almost impossible for any group to successfully get permission to close their road.
While this may be the case for most councils, Buckinghamshire County Council have added a clause to their application process that make it all but impossible for villages to hold their own street party.
Buckinghamshire County Council say
“Road closures will only be considered on unclassified roads, as closures of A, B and C roads will have a serious impact on traffic flows.”
While most people who live in the countryside in Buckinghamshire, live on “C” class roads, this makes it almost impossible for anyone to even qualify to submit an application.
Apparently, Bucks county Council have only received 9 applications for road closures and only 3 have been agreed. This compares to neighbouring Hertfordshire, who it is believed to have approved in excess of 50 applications.
When Bucks County Council were asked about this and they said that people in Buckinghamshire cannot be too bothered about the royal wedding or we would have had more applications.
It is widely thought that they would have had more applications had the strict “Road closures will only be considered on unclassified roads, as closures of A, B and C roads will have a serious impact on traffic flows.”  Not been stipulated.
Bishopstone, a small community of 80 houses, living in a traffic calmed area, who have always been successful in applying to have their road closed  for events such as the Millennium in 2000 and the Jubilee in 2002 have this year been refused permission to hold a street party.
Mr Sean Rooney, Compliance Manager (Localities and Traffic Manager),Transport for Buckinghamshire of Bucks County Council said of the Bishopstone Street Party
“Each application has been submitted and assessed upon it's own merits. In this instance the team have assessed that the disruption to the road network would be such that we cannot agree to a closure.”
He also went on to say about their road “is a rural access road and the diversion would be quite long and is also a C class road, for which our guidance clearly states that an application would not be accepted.
Bishopstone is closed once a year to Allow Network Rail to carry out emergency work on a Level Crossing. During this time and every time the road has been closed, there have been no reports of increased traffic at other locations.


Pre 2011

The Harrow - Changes afoot

A new raft of changes is now happening at the Harrow. We say farewell to Candice, Mel and Tom and welcome the landlord, Andy Maddern and his wife, who will now take charge of things. Also, we have the return of Linda!

Unfortunately, as there is no longer a chef, the kitchen is currently closed. But Andy would be interested if anyone in the village is interested in taking up the role! IF you are call 01296 748652

Despite all the Hurdles, The Party goes on!

Even the might of Bucks County Council could prevent the big party in Bishopstone.The road was closed, the tables laid, the people came and the party went on.

Around 120 people attended the Bishopstone Street Party, continuing the tradition started in 1930. There was food, drink, a parade of childrens fancy dress, Rounders, volleyball and a short thunderstorm. All of which help make up a perfect day.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the predicted traffic chaos anticipated by Bucks County Council was nowhere in sight. Roll on next year. See the photos here

What's the difference between Bucks County Council and Victor Meldrew?

According to John Bercow, nothing. John Bercow slams Bucks County Council for not reversing Road Closure decision for Bishopstone Street Party. As reported on Page 6 of the Bucks Herald.

Secretary of State

We understand that Eric Pickles has expressed his support for Bishopstone's Application to hold a street party on Main Street and he has reiterated that councils should not put unnecessary obstacles in place of communities such as Bishopstone. We have not yet had sight of the letter but we understand that the Secretary of State has urged Bishopstone to contest Bucks County Council's decision on this matter.

Missed the News Stories?

You can now access the BBC 3 Counties Interviews and BBC Oxford TV report here. Bucks County Council Street Party in the media

Bishopstone Street Party Update

Agencies were out in force today to get the views of residents who were disgruntled at having Bucks County Council reject their road closure application. The day started off with a live interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio which was aired at 8:00am. Followed by the front page of the Bucks Herald and airings on Mix 96. Then BBC Radio Oxford arrived and spent many hours filming and interviewing, which should be aired on tonights BBC Local Oxford News at 6:30.

A website has been setup to wish the Royal Couple best wishes and it is also where you can contact us if you are having problems with your council about Street Parties. For more information, William and Kate Royal Wedding Website.

John Bercow offers help

John Bercow's Office has agreed today to write to Bucks County Council Head of Transport to ask about their new Road Closure Policy for Street Parties. Mr Bercow's Office has also agreed to advise Mr Eric Pickles, the communities secretary of Bucks County Council's difficulties in granting road closures for such events.

Do you live in a Buckinghamshire Village that wants to hold a street party? Have you been turned down? If so contact this website and tell us your story. Click here to send us a message.

Anemometer Planning ApplicationPicture of an Anemomoeter

Lower Waldridge Farm Owlswick Road Ford has applied for permission to erect an 85m high Anemometer. It is a temporary application for 18 months. Usually, applications like these are the early stages of someone looking to build a Wind Farm. If there were to be a wind farm here, it would be clearly visible from Bishopstone.

You can see the plans here and have your say.

Aylesbury Vale District Council has agreed to pledge up to £100,000 to help fight the government’s proposals for a high speed rail link which would run through green landscape in the area.

At a meeting of the full council on 23 February, members voted to allot the funds towards a campaign to oppose the High Speed 2 (HS2) project by local authorities along the proposed route.

The money will be taken from the council's General Fund Working Balance – a back-up account for unexpected expenditure.

HS2 is a £33 billion rail scheme to link London to the north. The first stage from London to Birmingham proposes that the journey times between the two could be cut from one hour 24 minutes to 49 minutes. The proposal would have a major impact on many residents and businesses across the Vale. More details here


Aylesbury Vale Local Development Framework - Withdrawal

Aylesbury Vale Local Development Framework – Withdrawal of the Core Strategy Development Plan Document, and Masterplan & Delivery Supplementary Planning Documents under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 sections 22 (1) and (2) (b)

Following the resolution of the meeting of full Council on 8th September 2010, the Council requested the Secretary of State’s direction to withdraw the submitted Aylesbury Vale District Core Strategy (2009) from the examination process. This was granted on 5th October 2010.
The Council’s resolution also withdraws the Aylesbury Growth Arc Masterplan & Delivery Supplementary Planning Document (2010) and the Salden Chase Masterplan & Delivery Supplementary Planning Document (2010) at the same time.
The above Local Development Framework documents have now been withdrawn effective from 5th October 2010.
The regulations require the Council to remove all copies of the withdrawn documents and all their associated documents (including all statements, and representations) from our website and public locations. This is in the process of being completed. We are also required to publish a public notice which is attached for information. More information and the report that went to full Council on 8th September can be accessed via the Council’s website

Strategic Development Control Committee - decision

Today Friday, the 24th of September the strategic development control committee met in Aylesbury to discuss the future of the Bishopstone substation.
The committee, which was made up of elected members, heard arguments from EDF, the planning office, councillors and members of the public. Each party was given 5 minutes to put their point forward.
Mark Turner, spoke on behalf of the parish council. Roger Jackson, Paul Buckland, and Russell Loveland spoke on behalf of the Bishopstone residents. Both our local councillors, Judy Brandis and Brian Foster also spoke up against the plan.
There was a good turnout of support for Bishopstone with over a dozen villagers attending. This was also noted by the chairman, who made a comment on this in his summing up.
The meeting which went on for some 1 ½ hours deliberated on whether the application should be referred back to the planning office.
When it came to the vote, members were asked to vote on the following recomendation.
It remains the case that significant re-configuration and up grading of the electricity supply infrastructure is crucial to meeting existing committed and promoted roads around the town the reduced scale of the proposal and amend its location of the building together with extensive screen planting will result in a building that has a minimal impact on the countryside especially when compared to the adjacent agricultural building
It is recommended that the application be deferred to officers to determine the favourably subject to the expiry of publicity to be amended plans and the receipt of no new material representations, any permission to be subject to such conditions as are considered appropriate.
The committee voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation.
So, what does this mean for Bishopstone? Well, it looks like we are getting a new substation.
However, all has not been lost. When you study the revised pland submitted by EDF today, you can see that the site has been reduced quite considerably. In fact, it is now only one building that will hold all the switching gear and this building will be smaller than the existing barn.
Also, EDF have gone the extra mile and assured us that 5m of planting will be carried out around the outside. The planning office admitted that usually, a power company does not go that far.
The extra planting and reduced size are down to the lessened need for growth in Aylesbury and feedback EDF received from residents that attended the exhibition put on in the village hall.
Power for the people! (Woolfie Smith, if he lived in Bishopstone)



Council pledges £100,000 to fight HS2 plans