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Lord Carrington's Estate helps Village Hall

We have just received news today that Lord Carrington's Estate has generously donated £1000 towards the Village Hall's Renovation Fund.

There are new owners of The Harrow

The paperwork is signed. The deeds transferred and I can announce that the Harrow has been bought by someone local.

A press release from the new owners is expected soon.

We wait with baited breath!

House will be built in Moreton Lane

Despite fierce opposition councillors voted in favour of new dwelling. 

Garages - Moreton Lane

The dispute between residents and the Aylesbury Vale Housing Trust has heated up with a well attended village meeting yesterday (24th May). At the meeting residents, voiced their concerns about poor design and increased traffic issues. There was full agreement that this development should not go ahead based on the amount of increased traffic and loss of parking that this building will cause.

Local residents are urged to look at the plans and voice their objections by registering on the website and clicking make a public comment.

Further info here

It is widely felt that the loss of these garages will cause problems as they are all mused to store vehicles, plus provide much needed parking for local residents.

Many villagers feel that The Architects, David Parker Architects of Watlington, should visit the site at weekends to see exactly how many cars actually use the area. Then, they would realise that these cars would end up parked on an already congested Moreton Lane, endangering members of the public.

The Harrow- Update

They are working on the Harrow. There has been a delay. But now work is back on with a new ceiling going up and a new bar area proposed. Still no sign of an opening date, but we are hoping to have some photos for you soon of progress.

Heavy Lorries

There has been a significant increase in the number of heavy goods vehicles through the village. Some of which are travelling through the 7.5 tonne limit by turning at the Bugle Horn

This has been taken up with the site manager at the Substation Site and he will look into this.

It is believed that at planning, that all lorries would come in via the Railway Crossing and not come through the village.

It's 100 Club Time

Yes folks, March marks the last 100 club draw and it is now time to renew for the year. Make sure you get your subscription in for the next 12 months, by contacting a member of the Village Hall Committee.

Prowler or Salesman?

A report came in last Monday (11th) that a dodgy bloke had been seen in the village, knocking on doors and asking about various things from double glazing to Film sets.

Immediately, an email was sent around to all villagers and reports came back that this dodgy bloke was knocking on everyone's door. (Except ours).

The man described as 6 feet tall, stocky build, with short thick greying hair swept back. His most striking feature were 'funny eyes'. (they were wide apart and appeared 'off centre'). He was wearing a plain dark maroon fleece.”

The incident was reported to the police who sent out a couple of officers.

It seems that this man may have been genuinely from Anglian Windows although our local PCSO, Sue Jones will contact Anglian Windows and let us know for sure.

A big thanks to all who alerted us and reported back. If anyone has more evidence about the man, please let me know and I will pass this on to the Police.

Road Works

Power On will be back in the village from the 18th March to repair the edges of the road, so delays are likely. Any problems or issues, please let me know.

Conservation Areas

The new conservation areas have been confirmed. Full Details Here

New Houses in Bishopstone

The Aylesbury Vale Housing Trust has commissioned a firm of Archtects to review under untilised land, dwellings in poor condition and garage sites at a number of areas, including Bishopstone.

The proposals will included enhancements to the land and new affordable dwellings for members of the local community. In Bishopstone the garage site on Morton Lane is being considered where it has been proposed to replace the existing garages with a small residential scheme and to provide parking enhancements. We understand that the proposals for the development are still at a very early stage, and there are no detailed plans available.

Cllr Mark Turner from the Parish Council said "The Parish Council has not, as yet, formulated a response so the comments below from local residents are very useful."

Although there has been no confirmation that land may be purchased from Private Residents a large turnout of nearby residents is expected at the Parish Council Meeing in Stone on Feb 4th at 8:00pm, which is open to the public.

Harrow withdrawn from Auction

The Harrow has been withdrawn from the auction that was due to go ahead on 18th December. A spokesman for Allsop, the auctioneer and liquidator advised that it has been withdrawn from the auction because the previous owners had settled the debt to the bank and retain ownership.

Delays again

There will be delays in Bishopstone on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October as cable is laid in the ducting. Although traffic lights are not being used, delays are expected.

Now it's Over..

Now the road works have come to an end, what are your views? Did you expereince problems?

Why not start a thread in the forum?

It still goes on....

Bishopstone is getting a few more days of peace as the road closure is extended to Wednesday 

Website gets 100th Member!

Bishopstone website is celebrating tonight as it has just had it's 100th user register on the site.

Mark Bale, The Webmaster said "This is fantastic. It is down to the interest in the traffic problems, but for a village of approximately 90 houses to have 100 registered users is great."

Registered Users get a little more information, plus are signed up to recieve all the newsletters.

Footpath Inspection

The footpaths are up for inspection next week. Do you know of any problems anywhere? If you do, Mark Turner wants to hear about them. He will be meeting with Bucks County Council on Monday and asks villagers to email him with any known issues at

High Speed Broadband for Bishopstone?

In a deal negotiated by Mark Bale and Power On, the contractor responsible for the road works. It has been provisionally agreed that if BT Openreach will provide all the materials on time, Power On will install ducting and Fibre Optic Cabling at the same time as the ducting and electrical work proposed in July.

If this happens, it could mean that Bishopstone would then have the infrastructure in place for up to 100Mb High Speed Broadband, once the Stone Exchange has been upgraded. This would put it on par with Princes Risborough and other areas.

Although there are no plans at the moment to upgrade the Stone Exchange, even as it is speeds of up to 20Mb could be achieved in Bishopstone.

Mark Bale said "This could be a huge result and make up for the disruption caused by the works. It will add value to properties with improved speed too."

Mark also urges as many people as possible to register an interest at, which doesn't cost anything and could win you an iPad.

Mark also said "We need everyone to register an interest as this will encourage BT to upgrade the Exchange, plus add value to your properties. It costs nothing, but the benefits could be huge.


Olympic Torch and Refuse Collections

On Monday 9th July, the Olympic Torch will be passing through the area.

As a result, all collections will be one day later than normal this week (as happens on a bank

holiday). This includes: domestic refuse, domestic recycling, and garden waste collections.

Trade refuse collections will be carried out on 9 July but the normal routes are likely to

change to fit around the torch relay.

Details Here

Big Thank you

I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who made the Jubilee Weekend a success. There were so many folks to name, but each and every one of you did a fantastic job in helping make the whole event a great success. Thank you.

We will open a gallery soon where you can upload your pictures for others to see.

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Would you like to Join the Queen and the Duke of Edingburgh at a Garden Party? Well here is how you can.

Bishopstone Burglary

At some point last week, (W/E 17/03/2012) several people reported that garden furniture had been moved to facilitate climbing over into neighbours gardens. At the time however, it was believed that nothing was missing. But since then, there have been reports that items have been removed including garden machinery and chainsaws.

This all occurred late one evening last week in and around houses opposite the Harrow. If anyone knows any information, please let us know and in the meantime, keep your sheds locked and be on the lookout for anything unusual. You can always contact the Police here

Bucks County Council - They say YES!

We have just been advised today, friday that Bucks Couonty Council has granted Bishopstone Residents permission to close the road for a jubilee street party.

Considering all the problems we had last year, resident Mark Bale is delighted at the news.

Bucks County Council have insisted that suitable signage be in place to divert traffic through Aylesbury.

Jubilee plans are now in full swing and a full timetable has been planned for the holiday period. More to come soon

Upcoming Events

Up and Coming Events

Sing! community choir.

Meeting Monday evenings 7.45 - 9.15
Stoke Mandeville Combined School
All welcome - no auditions, no solos, no reading.
Come to the concert on Monday 13th Dec.
Details on
or Call Roger on 07719 776919 or Email by clicking here

Need to get fit?

Check out Jane Trenchard's Fitness class, every wednesday in the Village Hall


May Election Battle is on

Bishopstone resident Mark Bale has thrown his hat in to the ring and will stand as an Independent candidate along with Ken Brown from Cuddington for Haddenham and Stone Council Elections. Details here

Stone and Bishopstone Councillor defects to Tories

Paul Irwin, County Councillor for Stone and Waddesdon will announce today his defection from UKIP to the Conservatives. Paul, who narrowly won the election in 2013 ahead of the Tories, Lib Dems and an Independent is expected to announce his decision this morning at Bucks County Council.

Junction Changes at Standalls

A new road and a new junction is planned for Standall's Farm as access is needed for HS2 construction.

Before HS2 can begin construction, it seems the existing Electricity Pylons are to be raised. In order to do this, it is understood that new Pylons have to be put in place and these new Pylons will be taken through Standalls Farm, probably via Bishopstone.

This is bound to cause disruption and damage to the villages already tattered road.

High Speed Broadband coming to Stone

It has been confirmed that in June this year, Fibre Optic Broadband will be available to certain areas that are connected to the Stone Telephone Exchange. These areas can expect broadband speeds up to 100Mbps.

However, only some of the cabinets are being upgraded and while areas of Stone will see improvement and Dinton will get a boost unfortunately, Bishopstone is not one of them and it is not in the plans for the next 3 phases. So in other words, it is unlikely that we will see high speed broadband in Bishopstone for the foreseeable future.

The map of where the cabinets are is here

Flood Report Published

The long awaited section 19 report on the Floods in Bishopstone has finally been published. The report gathered information together from all the local agencies and residents to see what can be done in Bishopstone. The Full Report is here

Jason Aldous elected as new Chairman

Jason Aldous has been voted in as the Stone with Bishopstone and Harwell Parish Council Chairman. George Lamb stands downafter many years service.

Coouncillor Aldous has been a resident of Bishopstone since around 2002 and has been an ellected councillor since 2011. Mark Turner remains as Vice Chairman, so both top seats are now held by Bishopstone Residents.

Both men have been heavily involved with restructuring of the Parish Council since the new clerk, Allison Stone was employed.

The Harrow - has new owners.

Jason and Sarah Aldous have just completed on the purchase of the Harrow Public House.

Rumours were rife that the pub would soon be turned into housing by developers and as they live nearby, they said in a statement "we were concerned so we decided it would be better if we were in control."

The building itself is in a terrible state having been gutted and needs a lot of work. But their intention is to eventually reopen the pub as a pub / shop / restaurant or whatever will be viable in today's climate.

There is no short term solution and their plan will take time to implement. But they assure us that whatever happens, will be in keeping with the rest of the Village.

Have your say about the pub and what you would like to see by clicking here and joining in the discussion on the forum.

Flooding in Bishopstone: We need your help!

Buckinghamshire County Council is carrying out an Investigation into the recent flood event in Bishopstone. We need your help with our investigation: you can assist by sending us information about the flooding from Christmas 2013 to the end of February 2014 as well as any past flooding in Bishopstone. Read More

Flood Update - Help available

The Parish Council in conjunction with Bucks County Council has issued a Press Release in order to advise residents and businesses on how they can get help financially and to introduce the Flood Recovery working group. Details can be found here.

Affected by Floods? Useful info here

Have you been affected by floods? here is some useful links

BCC Floods Flowchart

Road Closures

Flood Advice Booklet

Floods Continue

Bishopstone is once again cut off from the outside world as floods prevent vehicles entering or leaving the village. Depths of 3ft have been reported in parts of the road, while sandbags are in use to prevent flooding in some areas.

There is great sense of community spirit as local residents get together to help each other by pushing cars, sandbags and water.

Transport for Bucks are unable to provide a Road Closed Sign, saying that it is up to the Police need to do it.

Water Cloudy today as Water Main issue continues.

The burst water main could be with us for a while as Thames Water try and find a solution. It seems a diversion has to be put in place before a fix can be carried out.

The fix, which will involve putting in a high pressure valve, means that there will be an increase in pressure, risking further bursts.

Stone Bishopstone and Hartwell Parish Council will investigate the possibility of a getting a 7.5 Tonne weight limit on the road.

Burst Water Main in Bishopstone Closes Road

A burst water pipe is causing traffic problems in Bishopstone. The pipe is shooting water around 20 feet up into the air, the road is currently closed to traffic.

Thames Water say they have got a team down there and more on the way. The damaged pipe is a 12 inch main but is a high pressured pipe, which is why it's jetting into the sky.

The road is currently closed, and there is damage to the road as well as the pipe. Thames Water couldn't tell us exactly how long the road will be closed for, but it could be a long time

Accident causes Road Closure

The road through Bishopstone was closed today for nearly 2 hours while a car was removed.

The Blue BMW was visiting in Furlong Crescent, when the driver lost control and reversed through the hedge straight on to the main carriageway, narrowly missing another motorist.

Ambulance. Police and Fire Applicances were on the scene. Luckily no one was hurt, but it took a while to remove the car because of safety concerns over an un inflated airbag.



Aylesbury MP: I Won't Vote Against HS2 Today

It's the next stage of the Government's attempt to force through its' High Speed rail programme through the Commons today - the second reading of the High Speed bill - what's seen as a "paving bill".

But Aylesbury MP, a vocal opponent of the scheme has tweeted that during the voting stage later today - he will not be going against the Coalition's wishes.

More info here

Villagers Urged to act now!

Bishopstone residents have been urged to voice their dissatisfaction with the Moreton Lane Development (See Opposite)


A shed was broken into in the early hours of Thursday Morning (25th April) and a Bike was stolen. Anyone with any information should contact the police. Details of how contact our police are here

Mystery Tanker Revealed

We have finally found out the what, why and wherefore of the mystery tanker. The tanker has been seen in the village from early morning to late evening and it is emptying the sewer near the power transformers.

The sewer has been getting rather full lately due to the flooding and when it reaches a certain level, an alrm goes off at Thames Water and a tanker despatched. The tanker then keeps returning until the level drops and the alarm stops.

The driver who is often seen asleep, said "We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and the times we are here. We have to do this to prevent sewer issues and it takes up to 2 hours to fill up. Then there is no way to know how long we have to queue at Rabans Lane to empty."

It is suspected that the issue has been made worse by recent drainage added by Bucks County Council toward Portway.


There seems to be an increase in litter being deposited in Bishopstone. If you see anyone throwing litter out of car windows in the village, please take the registration number and report it.

VAHT - Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

A village source informed this website that:

  • On Monday, representatives of the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust (VAHT) formally visited the Petermann family.
  • On Tuesday, a surveyor commissioned by the architects, attended and surveyed the site, which included the front of the property(ies) in Main Street. He returned Thursday to finish his task. The surveyor stated that after he submits his site plan, the architects will decide what they can fit into the available space.
  • VAHT have confirmed that they have been talking to the owner of number 42 Main Streetabout them purchasing part of that garden and Karl says that it is apparent that a deal will go through, thus allowing a larger development.

Please Note that this information is provided as is from the source (details kept on file)

Where will the new Houses go?

If you are concerend about the new house planned for Moreton Lane, check out the latest letter from one of our Parish Councillors


Plan 1

Plan 2

Work Begins on The Harrow

Builders have moved into the Harrow and have begun stripping out prior to refurbishment. The builders, some of which are related to the owners, plan on staying/living in the pub until refurbishment is completed.

"We only expected to be here a few weeks" one builder commented. But a more realistic time span is a few months.

The bar area is expected to remain the same, but with possibly a new marble top and bright mirrored sides to bring it into the 21st century. The toilets are also expected to be revamped.

There is no confirmed deadline, but it is expected to be open in the summer as a bar / restaurant. However, it has not been rules out that the place maybe put up for sale again, once the revamp is completed.

New Conservation Areas Approved

Freya Morris the Conservation Area Officer has announced new areas which have been approved. Full details here

Bishopstone Website gets an upgrade!

The Bishopstone and Stone Websites have now been successfully migrated to new, faster servers. Hopefully you will now be able to access the site faster, with faster page refreshes.

This should also help those who were having difficulty in logging in. If you still have problems logging in or registering, please let me know here.

Thursday is the new bin day. Are you ready?

Thursday is the new Bin day. See which bin and when, plus what to put in it here

BCC Resurfacing Work

Transport for Bucks will be back in the village from Tuesday 28th August as they begin resurfacing work. The work which will start near the chapel and continue through to the Marsh junction, will involve a full road closure at that end while they resurface the entire width of the road.

Once this part is completed, work will continue through the village, working on the edges, then finally, if weather permits, the white lines will be replaced.

This will be great news as it is now over a year since the village first requested the white line replacement.

Once this is complete, the road will reopen to traffic on Sunday 2nd September, at the same time as work in the Oxford Road is due to complete.

BCC - No regrets for wasting money

Bucks County Council have said that they can't help it. They will have to just take it.

This was the answer when they were asked why they are re-surfacing a road which a utility company are going to dig up again in less than 2 days.

Bucks County Council just say that if they dig it up, they will have to put it back as it was before.

Want your say? Our BCC elected representative is Margaret Aston. Her contact details are here

Traffic Chaos - It's not our fault!

Power On, the company behind the roadworks at the Stoke end of the Village, have stressed that the current congestion is not their fault.

Tim Erich, Major Projects Manager said "We had no knowledge of the resurfacing works, the council literally started work with only a days prior notice so we are deeply sorry for this added inconvenience and have lodged a complaint to BCC"

Work continues.

Inconsiderate Motorists - Still using the road

Despite the road through Bishopstone being closed to through traffic, some people are still using the road as a cut through to their destinations. Some residents have contacted the Police about this.

Everytime someone wants to access the village, work has to stop. So it is imperative that this only happens for residents. If not, these works could take months.

Work Starts today Bishopstone - A Cul-de-sac

Bishopstone is likely to become one big cul-de-sac whilst road works are carried out for 5 weeks in July.

The works, which are being carried out by Power On, are necessary to lay ducting to supply a connection between the site of the new Substation and Aylesbury. 

In a heated meeting in the Harrow public house on Tuesday 10th, Local Farmers expressed their concern that the timing of this coincided with Harvest and that it was crucial with the current weather conditions that the road remained passible at all times.

A spokesman for Power On quelled some concerns by saying that they would do their utmost to keep routes open for Bishopstone Residents. However, most residents felt that there had been very little research carried out by Power On and were dubious about the timeframe.

Road through Bishopstone to be closed for 5 weeks!

Power On, will be installing ducting down the centre of the village from 23rd July and to do this, they need to close the road for 5 weeks. Bucks County Council will also be making use of this closure to carry out repairs to the road surface.

The closure is estimated to run from Portway, right through the village. Although at this time, we are unable to work out the impact it will have on local businesses and residents.

Review of Bishopstone, Hartwell and Sedrup Conservation Areas

AVDC has recently undertaken a review of the conservation areas in Bishopstone, Hartwell and Sedrup. The reviews are currently out to public consultation until 13th July.

If you wish to see further information, details can be found here

If you live in any of these areas it is recommended that you see if you will be affected.

Top Celebrity to light Bishopstone Beacon

The jubilee committee are pleased to announce that Formula 1's Mark Webber (Twitter @Aussiegrit) will be lighting the Stone Bishopstone and Hartwell Parish Beacon on Monday 4th June at 10:15pm.

Mark, who drives for Red Bull Racing will be back in the country after competing in the Monaco Grand Prix, before Jetting off to Canada in time for the following weekends Grand Prix. He leaves the very next day.

When asked, Mark's representative said "Mark would be delighted to join in the spirit of the Jubilee celebrations by accepting the opportunity"

The evening starts at around 8:00pm, with a Big screen link up with Buckingham Palace, where ats such as Jessie J, Shirley Bassey, Elton John and many more.

Her Majesty the Queen will be lighting her beacon at 10:00, followed by many others and Mark Webber lighting the Stone Bishopstone and Hartwell Beacon at 10:15.

It gets Bigger!

The beacon is getting bigger. Many residents of Bishopstone turned out today, plus a digger!

With 2 more sundays to go, it is estimated that the beacon may be as high as 20ft tall!

The Beacon - Stage 1 completed

Volunteers braved the rain on Bank Holiday Monday to start the Jubilee Beacon Build. The central pole is up and a core of dry wood placed at the base. Next Saturday, 12 May, we need LOTS of volunteers to complete Phase 2 (See page 2). So please join us, (especially if you have dropped wood off in the field), at around 1030 this coming SATURDAY.


The Beacon build begins

If you are able and you feel compelled to help build the biggest and best beacon in Bucks, we need your help now. Lee Cobley, Chief Beacon Builder is now asking for volunteers to come down to the Harrow every Saturday Morning at 11:00am for the next few weeks to help out. So if you like building bonfires, this is for you!

Fire in the vIllage

The fire brigade were called out early on Easter Monday morning to attend a garage fire. No one was hurt and everything is under control.

Burglary in Cuddington

A burglary has been reported on Dadbrook, Cuddington, between 10pm on Tuesday 13 and 7am on Wednesday 14 March. Offenders gained entry via a kitchen window, which had been left insecure. Jewellery and cash was taken from the premise.

Please be on your guard and ensure your doors and windows are locked and secure when you are out, overnight or when you are at home but in another part of the property. Make sure that any suspicious activity is reported immediately and if possible obtain a description of any persons, along with the make, model, colour and registration number of any vehicle.

If you live in any of these villages

Aston Sandford, Boarstall, Brill, Chearsley, Chilton, Cuddington, Dinton-with-Ford and Upton, Haddenham, Ickford, Kingsey, Long Crendon, Oakley, Shabbington, Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell, Worminghall. you have the right to vote for what you would like local money to be spent on by the Local Area Foru. details here

Broadband Boost in Bishopstone

Have you noticed an increase in your broadband performance? Well you may have. BT announced that the upgrade to the Stone Telephone Exchanged, planned for completion on the 1st of April, has been completed ahead of schedule on February 1st.

Mark Bale from (Aylesbury Laptop Repairs) said "There should be a noticable increase in performance. The Average speed in Bishopstone was estimated at 3Mbit but since the upgrade, this is now expected to be around the 5Mbit. But most improvement will be in Hartwell and Stone"

How is your broadband speed? Start up a thread in the forum

Bishopstone on the Beeb

BBC Oxford News will be in the village on Thursday 26th January to report on Bishopstone's plans for this years Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Sinead Carolle will be talking to Mark Bale who will be announcing Bishopstone's plans, which this year include a Beer Festival, Street Party, Live Music and a link up with Buckingham Palace on the Monday Evening.

There will also be other activities in Stone with a Fete, Local business exhibition and Fireworks. Plus other events too!

Then Bishopstone will light a large beacon in the field behind the pub as one of the 2012 beacons that will be lit up and down the country.

Stone Thursday Club Christmas Afternoon

On Thursday December 8th members of the Stone Thursday Club enjoyed an afternoon of singing and entertainment followed by a festive tea. 


Angela and Peter led the singing, including both old favourites and new versions of Christmas songs – “Cashing in on Christmas” was a particular favourite. There was a selection of appropriate readings and a very entertaining sketch by Angela and Peter – “The Reluctant Shepherd”. We all sang “Hark the Herald Angels sing” before moving into the other room for sandwiches, sausage roils, cake and mince pies – and a Christmas songs and carols quiz – very difficult, but fun.

The next meeting will be on Thursday January 12th, when we will be discussing local shops and shopping – we hope there will be lots of memories, not only of the shops and services but of the people who provided us with bread, meat, milk, paraffin and much more - and even coffins - over the years.


Janet Cope wins Pride of Bucks Award

On November 10th Janet Cope, who ha lived in Bishopstone all her life, received the Love Where You Live Pride of Bucks Award for 2011 for her sterling work in keeping Bishopstone immaculate for many years.

Janet does love where she lives and is immensely proud of Bishopstone and the surrounding countryside. We all congratulate her on the award – and hope that others will follow her example in

all parts of the parish to keep our roads and paths litter-free.

The Big Heat Fund


This could be for you if you think that automatically getting your winter fuel payment is a luxury that you'd rather see given to help groups working with truly vulnerable local older people.

The Winter Fuel Payments will shortly be paid to everyone over the age of 60 regardless of need.  Now is the time to think about donating some or all of the amount to the Big Heat Appeal run by Bucks Community Foundation.

All money donated to this appeal will benefit local older people.  The idea has been so successful in Bucks that it has now gone nationwide with SAGA supporting the Surviving Winter Appeal.

With money donated from last year’s payments, many clubs, groups and day care centres for older people in Buckinghamshire received donations which has enabled them to keep going; many providing hot meals and companionship for members.

Please go to for more information on how to donate or to apply for a grant or call 01296 330134.

The Big Heat Fund run by Buckinghamshire Community Foundation will channel all the funds raised to support local community groups working with vulnerable older people who are suffering because of fuel poverty.  The money will be directed to those most in need of help and make sure they can afford to stay warm, eat well and remain mobile, as well as help them in practical ways such as ensuring they can make doctor's appointments, get to the shops and maintain an active social life.

The Big Heat Fund has the backing of two of Buckinghamshire's most respected older residents. Sir Terry Wogan (pictured above with Buckinghamshire Community Foundation Director Richard Dickson) says "I'll certainly pass my payment on, and encourage  everybody who can,  to contribute towards it." and Sir David Jason says  "it would be great to think that all those people who are in a position to forego part or all of their own winter fuel payment could join this great scheme and spread a little warmth"

Diamond Jubilee 2012

June 2nd - 5th 2012

At a recent meeting with the Parish Council, Mark Bale put forward plans for celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Although there is no firm timetable in place yet for the Bishopstone event, celebrations are expected to culminate with the lighting of a Jubilee Beacon.

The Beacon, which once a site survey and safety assessment are made is expected to be at the far end of the field behind the Harrow. This will be lit as one of the 2,012 beacons planned around the country, on the evening of Monday June 4th.

A Street Party is also planned for Sunday 3rd, to coincide with "The Big lunch"

The Parish Council fully supported the idea and more details are expected to appear on this website soon.

There is a meeting planned for this thursday in the Harrow for all villlagers who wish to have their say. ( 27th October)

Conservation Area Audit

The Conservation areas in Bishopstone are likely to change as a result of "Tidying Up" of the boundaries. These changes are likley to mean a slighly larger area in Bishopstone will join the conservation area. Those areas currently in the conservation area will likely remain.

Details here

EDF Sub Station

Design work has now started for the construction of the switch house. The customer connection agreement which will trigger the construction is not expected to be signed until the end of the year. Due to the tight time constraints on delivering the connection. Site works to commence shortly after that. The site construction period is likely to be about 18 months. but the main building and landscaping should be substantially finished in about 12 months from commencement on site.

The site inspection that took place some weeks ago did not find any signs of asbestos material or anything similar.

Transport Concerns?

Transport for Buckinghamshire service, in partnership with the Transformation team, will soon be rolling out a 'A Day in the life of' project and have asked for our assistance. The project will involve issuing travel diaries to people of specific profiles (see 1 to 6 below) in order to understand their travel needs over a maximum two week period. Upon receipt of the travel diaries, the Passenger Transport team will then nominate certain people based on what they have highlighted in their diaries for a 1:1 interview with a member of the Transformation team.

Transport is often raised as a major issue for young people and families so it is very important we get their views included.

This is a small scale consultation exercise which will help them:

  • Understand the transport needs of particular people/profiles.
  • Identify gaps in transport provision that prevent people from gaining access to essential goods/services.
  • Inform the development of the Go Bucks Transport Strategy.

It is important to iterate the fact that this piece of work is not meant to offer any quantitative or statistically valid information but rather an qualitative insight into a customer's perspective of travelling in Buckinghamshire.

What they need from us, is assistance in identifying people from the relevant profiles listed below:

  1. Elderly (65 years and over) members of the public (with or without private car)
  2. Single Parent with young children & no private car/Family with young children & no private car
  3. Single Parent with young children & 1 private car/Family with young children & 1 private car
  4. BME Group members (with or without private car)
  5. Young People (aged 16 - 17) (with or without private car)
  6. People with disabilities (with or without private car)

To obtain copies of the travel diaries or for any further information please contact Debbie Brown or Wendy Davey

Wendy Davey 01296 383264

Debbie Brown 01296 383498

Best Kept Village - Results


The winning villages in the 2011 Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition have been revealed.

The Best Kept Village results are:

  • Winner of the Gurney Cup (population under 500) – Fulmer Runner‐up – Little Marlow
  • Winner of the Morris Cup (population 500 – 1500) – Great Brickhill Runner‐up – Hedgerley
  • Winner of the DeFraine Cup (population 1500 – 3000) ‐ Stewkley Runner‐up – Pitstone
  • Winner of the Michaelis Cup (small towns) – Buckingham Runner‐up – Marlow
  • Winner of the Pushman Cup (population over 3000) – Chalfont St Peter Runner‐up – Haddenham
  • Winner of the Tindall Cup (2010 cup winners) – Cuddington Runner‐up – Olney

The Sword of Excellence will be awarded to the cup winner with the highest marks which is Fulmer.

The Community Award for the village with evidence of the most active and vibrant community life goes to Chalfont St Peter.

Competition chairman, Richard Pushman, commented: “This year’s competition has been very successful. We’ve had a higher number of entrants than in past years and the standards have been very good throughout, particularly in the care and attention paid to maintenance of churchyards and the lack of litter in the competing villages. Congratulations to all the winners – we look forward to honouring them on the presentation day in September.”

The winning villages will be presented with their trophies by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire and President of the Association of Local Councils Sir Henry Aubrey‐Fletcher on Saturday 10th September.

The Best Kept Village Competition is run by the Bucks Association of Local Councils and is open to villages throughout Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. The competition is sponsored by Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils and Motts Travel. Judging took place throughout June. The judges were looking for good standards of care, maintenance and community effort – the county’s ‘best kept’ villages, not the beautiful ones.

Cuddington & Dinton CE School : Fire Latest

On Sunday morning at 06.30 a fire broke out on the Junior site at Dinton which was attended by the Fire Service. There has been extensive damage and as yet we have not been informed as to when we will be allowed access to the site again. 

Note from the School

As many of you may know there was a serious fire at the Cuddington & Dinton C of E School in Dinton on Sunday morning. In order to keep the disruption of the children’s education to a minimum, we have arranged for the children from Dinton to attend school in Cuddington from Tuesday 28th June. These are are initial contingency plans and we will keep you all up to date as these develop over the coming weeks. We will be making use of both the Bernard Hall and St Nicholas Church to accommodate the Junior site children. We are asking parents to use the Playing Fields car park and walk down to the school but there will inevitably be additional traffic at the beginning and end of the school day. Please bear with us during this time of disruption to the school. We will endeavour to keep the level of inconvenience to an absolute minimum. I would like to also thank our local communities for the many messages of support that we have already received and thank you for your continued support,

Mrs K Price, Headteacher 27th June, 2011

Bucks County Council Statement

There has been a fire at Dinton CofE Infants School Site. It seems the fire started on the roof of the building early on Sunday morning. The fire brigade attended. The school has been closed until further notice - this information has already been put on the school's website and passed to parents. The children will be taught in temporary accommodation on the school's Cuddington site from tomorrow (Tuesday).

Bucks Fire and Rescue have said on their website

A fire has damaged the roof of the single-storey extension at Cuddington and Dinton Church of England School in Dinton. Crews from Haddenham, Aylesbury and Princes Risborough were called to the incident shortly before 6.30am. At its peak, there were about 40 firefighters and officers at the scene. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a jet and three hose reels to put out the fire and a chainsaw from an Urban Search and Rescue equipment module to cut away parts of the roof. They used salvage sheets to protect computers in the building. Station Manager Doug Gruchy, the incident commander, said: "The fire started in a boiler room cupboard and spread to the flat roof. "About 50 per cent of the roof has been damaged, and there is also damage to an office and toilet area. A number of other rooms have been smoke-damaged. "Crews worked hard to bring the fire under control and prevent it from spreading." The older part of the school building has not been affected by the fire.

Many concerned parents who paid a visit to the site on Sunday, thanked the fire officers who were still there for the job they had done. They in turn said they would pass on the thanks of well wishers to the night shift who originally attended.

The alarm was raised by a lady excersing her dog who had spotted the fire. The lady whose identity is currently unknown, knocked on a neighbours door to ask them to call the fire brigade.

HS2 - It will affect Everyone

Any of you who managed to attend the recent HS2 exhibition will be in no doubt. HS2 will affect Bishopstone and the surrounding area. Despite what anyone says, we will have increased traffic. Especially as this is being built.

People in Sedrup are likely to have their whole village disrupted as the A418 is expected to be re routed down Sedrup Lane (From Stone, imagine going straight on at the Bugle Horn), all the way to the farm at the bottom and then around in a huge arc until it joins up with the Fairford Leys Roundabout. All this while they build a huge cutting and flyover on the current A418. This will destroy the area down the bridle path from Bishopstone, where dozens of us walk dogs, ride bikes and enjoy the scenery.

There is also expected to be huge disruption at Marsh Lane. With the likelihood that this road will be closed, possibly for ever with all traffic being forced to turn right over the crossing. If there is even a crossing!

Over the next few weeks, we will try and keep you up to date on what you need to do. But in the meantime, DO complain, DO sign petitions and you MUST MUST MUST answer the government consultation, You can start the online form here. If you need help answering any of the questions, contact your local parish councilor