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Circulated on behalf of Chief Constable Sara Thornton

The Thames Valley Police Prospectus, ‘Policing the Thames Valley – How we cut crime and protect our community’ is now available by following the below links:

Thames Valley Police Prospectus

Thames Valley Police Prospectus (single page print version)

In November there will be a change from the current structure of the Police Authority to a Police and Crime Commissioner who will be directly elected by the public. This is the most ambitious and far-reaching reform of policing in more than half a century.

It is my responsibility to work with the current Police Authority to ensure that we are prepared for that change. An important part of that preparation is to make sure that the public understands how we police our communities.

This document aims to provide an insight into how we police our communities and how we set out to cut crime – from anti-social behaviour to terrorism.

I hope you find this prospectus to be informative and interesting and that it may have also prompted you to want to find out more about policing in the Thames Valley.

Chief Constable Sara Thornton

Thames Valley Police

Neighbourhood Police News

March has seen an increase in crime around our area. We had reports of sheds broken into in Haddenham where high value cycles were the main target, although tools and garden implements were also taken. The sheds targeted were all around the village and these thefts then extended to other villages including Stone, Bishopstone, and Long Crendon. There has also been burglaries overnight to homes in Long Crendon, Chearsley, Brill (where a vehicle was stolen), Cuddington, and most recently Hartwell and also, an attempt to enter a property in Oakley. On the same evening as the burglary in Chearsley, items were stolen from gardens in the same village and a vehicle broken into, plus a vehicle broken into in Cuddington. In the early hours of 29th March, thieves targeted insecure vehicles in Worminghall and we are aware of at least six vehicles that had property stolen. We have also had reports of thefts of lead, metal and plant from farms and building sites around the area and a quad bike reported stolen from Cuddington and one from Oakley. This level of crime is very unusual and we would like to reassure you that the police have responded accordingly. Special police patrols have been targeting specific areas over 24hr periods and our forensic and intelligence teams have been working to find these thieves, which has resulted in a suspect, who may be responsible for the thefts from vehicles in Worminghall and the burglary in Brill. We will keep you advised of any updates.
We appreciate all the calls that you make, letting us know of any suspicious vehicles or persons seen in the villages, and would ask you to continue being vigilant. Please contact us on the non emergency police number 101.

The parish councils and residents from Long Crendon and Ickford have also brought to our attention an ongoing problem with dog owners not clearing up after their pets.
The footpaths and pavements are used by all residents of the villages and the increase in dog mess is particularly unpleasant . Police can issues a £50 Fixed Penalty Ticket for this offence. If you know of any dog owners who are not being responsible, please let us know.

We are very pleased to have been invited to attend the various fetes and village events over the coming months, and will be looking forward to seeing you there. We have also visited the Haddenham and Long Crendon Beavers this month as well as the Long Crendon Scouts who have been doing their Community Challenge. We appreciate being included in your village events and we are always very happy to come and be involved in your community.

PCSO Sue Jones or the non emergency number – 101

Burglary in Bishopstone

At some point last week, (W/E 17/03/2012) several people reported that garden furniture had been moved to facilitate climbing over into neighbours gardens. At the time however, it was believed that nothing was missing. But since then, there have been reports that items have been removed including garden machinery and chainsaws.

This all occurred late one evening last week in and around houses opposite the Harrow. If anyone knows any information, please let us know and in the meantime, keep your sheds locked and be on the lookout for anything unusual. You can always contact the Police here

Shed burglaries - Aylesbury Vale

This is a Community Message from Aylesbury Watch Office on Friday 16 March.


Over the past couple of weeks there has been an increase in the number of burglaries reported to garden sheds in the Aylesbury Vale area.  In view of this, please consider the following crime prevention advice:-


  • Make sure your sheds and outbuildings are secured with a good quality lock.

  • Consider replacing screws on door hinges with anti-tamper screws – available from most DIY stores.

  • Think about purchasing a shed alarm to protect your property.

  • Lock your garden tools away and make sure they are marked with your postcode and house number.  Consider investing in a DNA property marking kit.

  • Make sure any suspicious activity is reported immediately to the Police.  Where possible, obtain a description of any persons, along with the make model, colour and registration number of any vehicle.


For further advice about protecting sheds and outbuilding visit our website


If you have any information about crime in your area, or you are aware of anyone selling on property which you think may be stolen, call the 24 hour Police Enquiry Centre on 101.


If you don’t want to talk to the Police or give your details you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Message ends.

Appeal for information

Police in Aylesbury would like to speak to two people who helped a victim of an attempted robbery in Stone on Friday 17 February.
At about 7.45pm, a 55-year-old man was walking along the A418 Oxford Road, towards Thame. As he neared the village hall, he was grabbed by a man from behind.
Three other men ran up to him and one of them punched the victim in the face, causing him to fall on the floor, where he received another kick in the knee.
At that point a vehicle pulled over, a man and a woman got out to help and the offenders ran off towards the recreation ground.
The victim was asked if he needed a lift home but he said he was fine. The couple then left.
PC Lucy Hale, from Aylesbury police station, said: “Unfortunately the victim cannot remember anything about the couple, not even the colour of their vehicle, but I am appealing for these two people to come forward as they may be able to assist in identifying the offenders.”
Anyone with any information about the incident should contact PC Hale via the 24-hour Thames Valley Police Enquiry Line on 101.
If you don't want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Bishopstone Burglary

Last month, there was a burglary in Bishopstone and a car was taken. The police would like to remind people to keep their vehicles locked and the keys hidden. It is believed that burglars entered a home and stole the keys, before making off with a nice car.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Strangers - be aware.

Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes, people turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into your home. These ‘distraction burglars’ or ‘bogus callers’ get into vulnerable people's homes under false pretences – for example by acting as gas or water board officials, by leading you to believe you need false work done, or by asking to get their ball from your garden.

You must always be careful who you let into your home. Ask to see the caller’s identity. Genuine tradesmen will carry a photographic identification card. Check this carefully. If you are still unsure, telephone their company, using a number from the Telephone Directory or by ringing Directory Enquiries.

The advice for residents is to Stop, Chain, Check.

  • Stop - Are you expecting anyone? Close and lock back doors and windows and look to see who it is.
  • Chain - Put your door chain on before you open the door. Keep it on while talking to the caller but remove it when they've gone away (in case of an emergency).
  • Check - Do you recognise the caller? Check their identity by using the phone number from the telephone directory or phone directory enquiries for the number – don’t use the number they give you.
  • If in doubt, keep them out! If, after these checks, you have any doubts about the caller, especially if they come unannounced, tell them to call back later when someone can be with you. You can also tell them to contact you by letter to arrange a more convenient time.
  • Only let them in when you are absolutely sure that they are genuine. Genuine callers will always be happy to make an appointment to call and will carry an identity card with a photograph. They won’t mind waiting if you want to phone and confirm their identity or want to rearrange the appointment.
  • Report Bogus Callers Bogus callers sometimes work in pairs or even teams. They are often well organised. One will distract the person while the other searches the house for money or other valuables. They can be men, women or even children (or often a combination). Watch out for anyone who says they are in a hurry. Don’t let them pressure or confuse you.

If you suspect you, or someone you know, has been visited by a bogus caller please call the Police as soon as possible - you may well prevent other crimes occurring. In an emergency dial 999, otherwise report incidents on 0845 8 505 505.

If in doubt, keep them out!

Bucks Trading Standards - Counterfeit Glen’s Vodka & Jacobs Creek wine

Following a complaint from a member of the public, we have found quantities of counterfeit Glen’s Vodka and Jacobs Creek wine at convenience stores in High Wycombe.

Counterfeit alcohol can be contaminated with dangerous chemicals such as methonal. In extreme cases this has led to blindness and death. 

We have previously tested counterfeit Vodka which has been found to be unsafe and may cause harm to the people drinking it. If you have suspicions about alochol you have purchased contact Consumer Direct 0808 156 2259

For more information


Welcome to your local Neighbourhood Police Team.....  PC 5924 Dean Kingham and PCSO C9830 Sue Jones are the local police team for the Haddenham and Long Crendon District, which covers about nineteen villages and hamlets from Bishopstone across to Worminghall.  We are based at Waddesdon Police Station and can be contacted by telephone on 08458 505505 or by email  We are always pleased to hear from you about any issues or concerns that you may have or if you just want to meet us.

You can read our monthly newsletters on this site but will use this page in order to advise you about any specific concerns or incidents which may be of interest.  We will also attach Neighbourhood Watch messages which are sent around to NHW members.  This information can act as a warning for incidents which have occurred in the area or give information on crime prevention or events that may be forthcoming.  If you would like to have any further information about anything on this site, please contact us on the above number or email address.

Last month saw a busy operational period for this neighbourhood area in particular with thefts and burglaries. Unfortunately, residents are still leaving vehicles insecure which are allowing offenders to target vehicles and getting away with your hard earned possessions.

Meanwhile, the team have been out and about at various fetes across the area offering crime prevention advice. The marked TVP tractor has also been making numerous appearances across the area. In other good news, we now have a dedicated team of seven Special Constables for the area. Please continue to update us with any suspicious incidents or vehicles in your villages, and always inform the police of any crimes on the area so that we can deal with all incidents a positive and proactive way. “If you don’t tell us we probably don’t know about it”

PC Steve Brisley Neighbourhood Specialist Officer

Neighbourhood Update